In ten years, what are the things that you want to remember about your family the way that they are right now? Is it all of the laughing and rambunctiousness? Maybe you love the way each of your children is so unique and special? Perhaps you love the fun you all have doing things together? What if you could freeze time, and be able to hold onto all the things you love about your family for years to come?

Your family photos should be the time capsule that allows you to revisit these moments so that decades down the road, you’ll be able to remember your family as they are right now. A celebration of all the wonderful things that make you and your family who they are.


As a family photographer, this is exactly the kind of images I want to provide my clients. Beautifully captured and curated memories, that you can cherish for decades to come. But what if your family photography session was more than just getting images? What if your session was an experience catered to who your family is and was a fun memory making experience?

As I’m relaunching my business, I’m so excited to be exploring new ideas to make the sessions I offer better and more meaningful to my clients. My new session would include:

  • Working with my clients before their session to create the ideal photography experience

  • A session involving an activity meaningful to your family: a family picnic at a favorite park, baking a fun weekend breakfast, a beach day. The options are endless, and geared to what you and your family love to do together.

  • Your images carefully edited and delivered to you and an online gallery for you to share, download and LOVE.

  • A custom designed photo-book with your favorite images from the session.

Are you interested? Please sign up below with your email address. This isn’t a commitment to booking a session, but it lets me know that people are interested in this type of session. If I have enough interest, I will continue to develop my idea and hopefully be able to provide my clients with an amazing photography experience. By signing up, you will become an Insider. As an insider you will be the first to know when I make these sessions and have the opportunity to book a session before anyone else. Sound good? Sign up below?